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Migrating Your Web Site

Migrating a web site is the process of moving a site from one hosting provider to another. If you already have a web site and want to convert your site to a DIS hosted solution, your site content will need to be migrated to DIS. You do not have to discard your current web site information to take advantage of DIS solutions. After the creation of the design and layout of your DIS site, the content you want to retain can be migrated into your DIS site. The HTML pages of your existing site are not moved to DIS. Only the content (or text) on your pages needs to be transferred to your DIS site. You can use our migration services to transfer the existing content or you can perform the transfer.

During the migration, you are provided with a test site to preview the site as the content is loaded. The test site also allows you to review the new layout and design of your site before the site is "turned-on" for the rest of the web to see it. When your site is ready to be released, DIS will assist in the switch-over from your existing hosting provider.

Contact us for more information on DIS migration services.

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