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Web Site Hosting
DuRant Interactive Solutions provides web hosting services for web sites, whether your site is developed by DIS, another web development company, or yourself.

Web site hosting is the process of providing a place for your web pages to reside. A web site consists of one or more web pages. The web pages must reside on a computer server (web server) that can accept requests from a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. The computer on which the web pages reside is called the host for the web site. Web pages can be developed on a PC, but must be moved to the web server host site before users on the Internet can view the web site.

For sites developed and managed by DIS, the hosting service is provided by DIS and the setup and configuration of the hosting service is handled by DIS. If you have an existing web site and want DIS to provide the hosting service, DIS can provide the services to migrate your web site to DIS.

Contact us for more information on the hosting services provided by DIS.

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