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A domain name is a unique address associated with a web site, and every web site must have a domain name. For example, www.durantinteractive.com is the domain name for this web site.

Obtaining a domain name is the first step in establishing your presence on the web. You must determine if your desired domain name is available, then purchase the domain name. DIS can assist in your search for a domain name and provide the name at an affordable cost. If you have already purchased a domain, DIS can provide you with the information required to link the domain name to your web site that is hosted by DIS. Even if your web site is not hosted by DIS, we can provide the services required to link your domain name with your hosting provider.

Once your domain name is linked to your web site, users on the Internet can access your web site.

Domain names must be renewed annually, so be sure to factor that into the budgeting process associated with keeping your site online. If you fail to renew your domain name before its expiration date, you risk losing that domain name to others on the web. When a domain name expires, it becomes available for anyone else on the web to purchase.

DIS provides domain name monitoring services to monitor your domain name and notify you when your domain name needs to be renewed.

Contact us for more information about DIS Domain Name services.

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